Stranger Things Review

So unless you don’t have Netflix (you have no idea what you’re missing) or even social media, you’ve probably heard of the new attention-grabbing eight part mini-series known as Stranger Things, the new Netflix Original starring Winona Ryder. With a 9.2/10 on IMBD and a 94% on rotten tomatoes, you would be surprised to know that it has its flaws. However, in my opinion, it made me like it even more. Continue reading

Update #4 – Blog Updates, Vacations, And More Pictures

Hi, everyone! So I realize that I haven’t posted this week, but it has been a bit difficult getting back into the swing of things. The past week and a half I actually spent in California, road tripping along the Pacific Coast Highway with my family. The trip inspired me so much and has changed the way I view everything, so much that getting back into my old blogging habits (and reality) are proving to be a bit harder to get into than I thought.

Except that got me thinking. It IS my blog right? I can do whatever I want to do with it, right? So I decided that I’m going to be making some changes to my blog in favor of how I want it to be instead of how it was. I’m actually going to be writing a lot more about traveling and my traveling experiences in addition to my book reviews because if those are some of my favorite things, why shouldn’t my blog contain a little bit of each?

So from now on, you can all expect to not only see book/movie related posts but also travel posts and reviews of places I’ve been recently. The design of my blog may also be changing a little bit, not dramatically, but just enough to reflect my changing ideas for how I want this blog to run. If anyone has any tips or ideas for travel related posts or just blog updates in general, let me know in the comments! I’ve missed writing posts and reading all yours! Its nice to be back!


Trying Cosplay Photography For The First Time

Any cosplayers out there?

I have always been interested in photography, even as a kid. It was one of the only things I would continually whine about to my mom. I always wanted to take the pictures, see the camera, hold the camera etc. instead of just being in the picture. The love for it has stuck with me and just recently I have begun improving my skills by taking more and more pictures in different settings of different people in different poses etc. One of the things I found most difficult to photograph was cosplay, however, thanks to my best friend Emily, I’m getting in some practice. It took a lot of preparation, some failures, and extreme heat to complete my first photo shoots.

Continue reading

The Raven Boys Review

So, originally the plan was to post a review of The Martian, but then I finished this book and it really threw a wrench into my plans. I enjoyed this book so much that it is now on my list of my favorite YA fiction books of all time, (which happens to be a bit rare considering I usually don’t read as much YA fiction as others). So of course, I had to write about it RIGHT NOW.  Continue reading

Top Fictional Boyfriends/Male Characters

Hi everyone! So my friend Emily,, and I have decided to start doing some joint blog posts where we post on the same topic but on separate blogs. The first one we decided on was top fictional boyfriends. While mine is all from books (mostly to shorten the list a little), Em has a bit more of a diverse list, so if you aren’t much of a reader, you may be more interested in checking out her list!  Continue reading

A Letter For Dad On His Birthday

Dear Dad,

At fifteen years together, I can easily say that I wouldn’t be where I’m at without you by my side. Not only have you supported us financially, but you’ve supported us emotionally and have always been our number one fan even if our crazy plan doesn’t even deserve an honorable mention. You make me believe I can accomplish anything because you never focus on my weaknesses, you focus on my strengths no matter what they may be. And that makes all the difference.  Continue reading