Suicide Squad Review

Hi, everyone! Today I finally had the opportunity to go see Suicide Squad! The hype surrounding this movie has been absolutely insane, and I was looking forward to seeing it from the very first trailers and rumors were released. And while it didn’t live up to my every expectation, it was still pretty frickin’ awesome.

Before I get into specifics, I just want to say that I gave this movie a solid 8/10, and I really enjoyed watching it! Just because I have critiques to the movie doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. ALSO SPOILER WARNING! I TRIED MY HARDEST TO MAKE A NON-SPOILER REVIEW BUT I JUST COULDNT CONTAIN MYSELF AND HAD TO TALK.  Continue reading

Stranger Things Review

So unless you don’t have Netflix (you have no idea what you’re missing) or even social media, you’ve probably heard of the new attention-grabbing eight part mini-series known as Stranger Things, the new Netflix Original starring Winona Ryder. With a 9.2/10 on IMBD and a 94% on rotten tomatoes, you would be surprised to know that it has its flaws. However, in my opinion, it made me like it even more. Continue reading

Disney Tag!

Shoutout to Down The Rocky Road for tagging me to do a fun Disney tag! It’s been a while since my last Disney trip but I’m certainly looking forward to my next one. Except I have a feeling this tag will bring back some nostalgia and have side effects of re-feeling all the feels from Disney and their characters and feeling like it’s necessary to rewatch all my old favorites.

Continue reading