Trying Cosplay Photography For The First Time

Any cosplayers out there?

I have always been interested in photography, even as a kid. It was one of the only things I would continually whine about to my mom. I always wanted to take the pictures, see the camera, hold the camera etc. instead of just being in the picture. The love for it has stuck with me and just recently I have begun improving my skills by taking more and more pictures in different settings of different people in different poses etc. One of the things I found most difficult to photograph was cosplay, however, thanks to my best friend Emily, I’mĀ getting in some practice. It took a lot of preparation, some failures, and extreme heat to complete my first photo shoots.

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So recently, I’ve found myself extremely in love with two certain kinds of art, and it has kind of taken over my whole Pinterest feed… This is going to be a bit of a short post, but I wanted to put it out there.

It may be because I’m a math/science oriented person when it comes to interests, and I’m hoping to go into some kind of design engineering, but lately, i can’t get enough of any kind of art that is geometric or minimalist. Whether they are 3D decahedrons or a 2D jumble of straight lines connecting at a common point, I still feel a strong interest in them because of their precison and aestheticly pleasing minimalist look. And while it may look easy, it is actually quite hard to do. I’ve been trying and the farthest I’ve gotten so far is doodling lots and lots of shapes in notebooks. Though I must say this method of doodling makes your doodles look organized and minimalist even if it is just scribbles on a paper, because they are organized together. Hopefully, I will get some more drawing done today!

Secondly, I’m loving the outlined art. Again it may be because of its simple look, and sometimes its mystical look, but either way I’m obsessed. The first one in the group of pictures above is my favorite outline, because as soon as I saw it, it semi-reminded me of myself because of the hair, and from there on I’ve been looking at them all the time and attempting to draw them as well. Much harder than it looks. Fortunately, there are plenty of incredibly talented artists out there that create amazing work that I can look at!

Basically, if the art is simple, geometric and minimalist I’m there! I’m hoping to replace two paintings in my room with pictures like these ones above, probably a really plain one, considering I just got a new white bed spread which is already making my room feel more clean-looking which I’m loving! Hopefully, I’ll make at least one more post before the new year with some resolutions, but just wanted to push this out there to see what other people’s input was! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!




Sadly, this is my second time writing this post due to the fact that I accidentally deleted it all… but anyway a couple days ago, I was sharing some art I had found on Pinterest with a friend of mine, and he asked me, “Why do you love art so much?” And I honestly couldn’t think of a good answer. And obviously that frustrated me. So over the span of the past couple days, I’ve been getting my thoughts together on why I love art as deeply as I do. Finally, I can say I love art because it makes me think.

I know thinking is a bit of a broad topic, but I couldn’t explain in any other way the feeling that is experienced when you see a drawing or a painting or a sculpture that can make you feel any emotion, that can make you feel inspired to create, and even give you a new perspective on life. One of those pieces, is this one of what looks like a young girl. It is a mixed media piece and is therefore made of bits and pieces of other things that you wouldn’t necessarily think as art, along with a bunch of messy strokes. But when you look at it, you are in awe of the overall combination of the strokes and the tape and the paper and the photographs, that all the sudden it doesn’t matter what was put into it, but the fact that overall it is a good piece of art. Upon pondering this it made me think, “if people think like this about art, that it doesn’t matter what has happened to make it what it is, why is it so hard to think about people that way? as the full masterpiece and not just the bits and pieces that don’t make sense or that aren’t necessarily right?” That one piece and other pieces like it will continue to make me think about that fact when I see them. All of the sudden it has gone from a canvas to a life lesson and it is no less beautiful in either form.

Another piece that I love deeply is this drawing of a teenage girl. It appears that her hair is flying out behind her and she has feathers and planets and essentially the whole universe carefully intertwined in it. Before I dive into what really made me love this piece, I want to mention how this style of drawing is one of my favorites and is slightly under appreciated. This drawing combines a realistic drawing with fantasmical factors, turning in into a dream-like vision, almost mesmorizing. It is so intricate, yet so open to interpretation. Upon first seeing this drawing, all I could think of was, “wow. This is beautiful.” I actually saved it to my phone and set it as a background on my laptop. Slowly, I began to realize just what it reminded me of. So, I really love stars and the universe and everything related to it. This drawing reminded me of one of my favorite thoughts. The fact that not only are you part of the universe, but the universe is a part of you as well. And something about the way the spheres and lines combine in her hair remind me of the planets, and all together it looks like she has the galaxy in her hair, and I find it extremely beautiful.

It really makes you stop in your tracks when you realize that just a piece of paper and some pencils can make you find new ways to see things, and remind you of things bigger than yourself, bigger than all of us in fact. And that is why I like art, because no matter what it looks like, it is open to interpretation. It’s never good or bad, its just different. It’s never right or wrong, it’s YOURS.