Growing Happiness

Remember, happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. -Roy Goodman

Hi guys, today I want to spread some self-love and write about how I’ve changed over the past year and how happy I am with my journey getting there and where I am at now. If you guys want to tell me your stories and tips about how you grow your happiness and your confidence leave them in the comments or tag me in your blog posts, because I would love to read them!

I went into the school year this time around with a completely new perspective on myself and on my life from when I arrived last summer. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I realized some really important things regarding what it means to grow as a person and how happy I have been now that I know how to allow myself to do so. I had a type of epiphany that reminded me that the less I try to cram myself into what other people are, the happier I am going to be, and the less I try to make the days fly by, the more enjoyable the days will be. I realized I have to spend my time allowing myself to grow and finding new excitement in the life I live instead of using my time in high school to create a person that impress colleges and not myself, the happier I am going to be.  Continue reading




Thankfully, it’s getting to be one of my favorite times of the year, fall! The leaves, the holidays, the tone of everything is just perfect. So I am here to give an update about what I’ve been up to, or will be getting to this fall In the form of a checklist (with explanations.)

So just recently, my birthday passed by resulting in lots of fun. And usually I am not a present person. I hate all the attention, and I’m always afraid I won’t like what I got. But thankfully, this year my mom really hit the nail on the head with my present Knowing me as well as she does, she knows I love art and have close to nothing to do it with besides old art supplies from elementary school and a sketchbook/multimedia book. Not that this hasn’t worked for the past couple years, but I was absolutely ecstatic to open up her presents to find a ton of new art supplies. All things I had never tried and never used, from charcoal pencils to acrylic paints. So on my fall list is: Learn how to use new art supplies and practice with them 

Next, I absolutely love to take pictures. So with the beautiful fall setting, I was really hoping to get photoshoots with my family and friends so that I can put them up here and practice my photography skills! Take fall pictures with friends and family 

Baking is always a good pastime because not only do I enjoy making things for others, but I certainly love to eat them as well. I’m hoping to make fall treats, if not for fun, for Halloween and for Thanksgiving to give to family and friends for the holiday! I’m still in the process of picking out treats, but you can for sure count on them tasting like cinnamon and pumpkin.
Bake fall treats  

I currently also have a lot of books to read, not only do I have a lot that I own to read, but I have a lot checked out from the library. Currently I own and have yet to read, Reconstructing Amelia, The Girl With All The Gifts, Vanishing Girls, Maximum Ride Forever, Gone Girl, I’ll Give You The Sun, The Spectacular Now, and Looking For Alaska. Though my first reading priorities come from the ones I have checked out from the library because I have to return them in three weeks, which are Water For Elephants, Carrie, and The Dinner. As you can see I have a lot of reading to do! READ LOTS OF BOOKS (hopefully with blankets and tea)  

Now in my eyes, it isn’t fall unless you go apple picking at least once. Usually this is done with my neighbors and I hope the tradition carries on this year. Last year we had a super fun time and it fall won’t be the same without going this year as well. Go apple picking  

With Halloween being part of this time of year, I have to watch some scary/Halloween movies. Recently, I’ve been “building up” my tolerance to scary movies and jump scares through watching more and more scary shows and movies. I’m at the point now where I enjoy watching them, and am hoping to watch more of the classic scary movies such as Halloween, as well as the classic Halloween movies such as Nightmare Before Christmas (even though for me this is an all year round movie), and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Watch Halloween/scary movies  

So just yesterday, while cleaning, I decided I was quite bored with my bedroom. So I moved some stuff around and voila! Problem solved. With the season arriving, its absolutely necessary I clean up my room and do some fall decorating. Nothing major but maybe some new fall candles and some decorations? Decorate my bedroom  

I would add in “go to a haunted corn maze” but I can say that thanks to amazing friends and family, we’ve already been this year! Go to a haunted corn maze 

I love pumpkins and I love art, which means there is nothing better to me than painting/carving pumpkins around this time of year! I already have many ideas for my pumpkin thanks to Pinterest, but hopefully I’ll be able to pick just one!
Carve/paint pumpkins! 

So as of right now, that is my 2015 Fall “to-do” list! If you have anything that I am forgetting, let me know in the comments, and enjoy the season! Stay tuned to my blog and Instagram (@thelilynotepad) for updates on fall pictures and the fall events that I am doing!




Sadly, this is my second time writing this post due to the fact that I accidentally deleted it all… but anyway a couple days ago, I was sharing some art I had found on Pinterest with a friend of mine, and he asked me, “Why do you love art so much?” And I honestly couldn’t think of a good answer. And obviously that frustrated me. So over the span of the past couple days, I’ve been getting my thoughts together on why I love art as deeply as I do. Finally, I can say I love art because it makes me think.

I know thinking is a bit of a broad topic, but I couldn’t explain in any other way the feeling that is experienced when you see a drawing or a painting or a sculpture that can make you feel any emotion, that can make you feel inspired to create, and even give you a new perspective on life. One of those pieces, is this one of what looks like a young girl. It is a mixed media piece and is therefore made of bits and pieces of other things that you wouldn’t necessarily think as art, along with a bunch of messy strokes. But when you look at it, you are in awe of the overall combination of the strokes and the tape and the paper and the photographs, that all the sudden it doesn’t matter what was put into it, but the fact that overall it is a good piece of art. Upon pondering this it made me think, “if people think like this about art, that it doesn’t matter what has happened to make it what it is, why is it so hard to think about people that way? as the full masterpiece and not just the bits and pieces that don’t make sense or that aren’t necessarily right?” That one piece and other pieces like it will continue to make me think about that fact when I see them. All of the sudden it has gone from a canvas to a life lesson and it is no less beautiful in either form.

Another piece that I love deeply is this drawing of a teenage girl. It appears that her hair is flying out behind her and she has feathers and planets and essentially the whole universe carefully intertwined in it. Before I dive into what really made me love this piece, I want to mention how this style of drawing is one of my favorites and is slightly under appreciated. This drawing combines a realistic drawing with fantasmical factors, turning in into a dream-like vision, almost mesmorizing. It is so intricate, yet so open to interpretation. Upon first seeing this drawing, all I could think of was, “wow. This is beautiful.” I actually saved it to my phone and set it as a background on my laptop. Slowly, I began to realize just what it reminded me of. So, I really love stars and the universe and everything related to it. This drawing reminded me of one of my favorite thoughts. The fact that not only are you part of the universe, but the universe is a part of you as well. And something about the way the spheres and lines combine in her hair remind me of the planets, and all together it looks like she has the galaxy in her hair, and I find it extremely beautiful.

It really makes you stop in your tracks when you realize that just a piece of paper and some pencils can make you find new ways to see things, and remind you of things bigger than yourself, bigger than all of us in fact. And that is why I like art, because no matter what it looks like, it is open to interpretation. It’s never good or bad, its just different. It’s never right or wrong, it’s YOURS.



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