The Martian Review

Hey, Guys! Before I get into my actual review here, I just wanted to thank all of you guys for subscribing to my blog! I currently have 130+ followers and while it may not seem like a lot to you guys, it is more than I ever thought would be actually seeing my blog, so thank you! Also, I apologize for not posting many book posts recently because I am in the middle of reading a lot of books, and unfortunately not finishing any. In order to restore some balance to my blog, I decided to finish this draft I started back in June and share with you guys what I thought of The Martian!

So back when the movie first came out, I was determined to read this before seeing the movie. However that actually didn’t happen and so after I saw it, I dropped the book towards the bottom of my TBR mostly because I had already seen the movie and I already knew what happened. Unfortunately, this tends to happen a lot for me. Other books I have done this with include Life of Pi, The Shining, and The Outsiders, all of which I ended up loving even more after I read them! Realizing that I shouldn’t push down the book and because I was in the mood for an adventurous book I decided to pick it up again. It definitely delivered, and can be added to my list of books that I regret not reading before the movie!

Summary: After a terrible storm causes the crew to leave Mars before the scheduled end of the mission, they are forced to leave an injured Mark Watney behind as they rush to escape thinking he is dead. However, after the storm, Watney wakes up and finds himself stranded on Mars. Using his scientific background and knowledge he is able to sustain his own life on Mars with the assistance of Nasa until they find a way to bring him back to Earth.

Rating: 4 Stars

Why?: This book was good and the plot was good, but the characterization of Mark Watney and the details put into the novel were outstanding. Seeing as the whole book is primarily focused around Watney, it is expected that he be a well-written character. That expectation is met throughout the book when Watney has fantastic development in learning how to live on his own and use his prior knowledge to make sense of this new planet. He is a completely different man when he leaves Mars, and thankfully for the readers, we get to read and experience the change along the way little incident by the little incident. (He is also laugh out loud hilarious as a character.)

Secondly, this book had an incredible amount of attention to scientific detail. Of course, it takes into account that the reader will need some background knowledge on the terminology, but aside from some definitions of the words, you are encouraged to figure stuff out on your own and learn as Mark learns, something that I thought was very unique. They don’t treat you like children, they explain everything all the way through, accurately. It really made the book stand out in my mind, the fact that they were able to go into such scientific detail, which made it feel like you learned something whilst still continuing to hook the reader onto the story.

Movie: If you have (or haven’t) read this novel, I highly suggest watching the movie adaptation. What it doesn’t include in terms of scientific detail is made up for with the fact that Matt Damon does an incredible job portraying Mark Watney along with the gorgeous cinematography. While the movie may seem quite long, especially at certain points in the film, it is punctuated by Watneys dry humor and entertaining endeavours, making it all worth it.

Have any of you guys read or watched The Martian? If you have I would love to hear what you thought down below in the comments! For anyone that was back in school this week, like myself, I just want to wish you good luck on the upcoming school year, and I hope this year is better than last! I will be trying my hardest to post once a week, but once school really picks up and I run out of drafts to post, it may be a little less than that. I cannot thank you guys enough for helping me grow my blog, especially this past summer!



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