How To Prepare To Come Home (Before You Even Leave)

Who doesn’t hate coming home from a well-deserved, well-used trip? I know that on our most recent trip to California, coming back home was easily the worst part of the whole week and half expedition. Not the winding mountain roads, not the extreme flux in temperatures, not the long car rides. Coming home was easily the hardest.

Living in a nice suburb, about twenty minutes from our nearest city, we have just enough hustle and bustle around us, that for the time being there, it feels great. But the feeling you get when you step out into a completely new environment that instantly makes it click why you were never completely satisfied with the last place, makes the thought of going back to it a depressing thought. Even if before our trip I didn’t know I would fall in love to this extent with California, I knew I wouldn’t want to leave there once our trip was over. Knowing that, I took some extra steps before we left to make the transition home a bit easier.


Being a moderately clean person myself, (and by moderate I mean I enjoy cleaning because I tend to get distracted by stuff I wouldn’t have otherwise found,) I tend to keep my room tidy for the most part. Except when I know I will be leaving for vacation, my cleaning is taken up a couple notches. I try my hardest to make my room as clean and as appealing as possible, so that when I get home, I not only feel comfortable and relaxed in my own space but so that I don’t have to clean for a while after I get home. Coming home to a clean room will help you adjust better because it will give you space for your new stuff and your new thoughts while still being your own familiar space.


If possible, before vacation try and anticipate how you will feel upon getting home before making any plans or  putting any dates on the calendar. This is especially relevant for people going to places with a dramatic time difference. If you know your sleep schedule will be off by the time you get home, you’re better off taking a day or two to yourself after you get home to catch up on sleep, restock your house, unpack etc. before being thrown back into the real world. If you don’t have the luxury of getting a weekend or so in before going back to school or work, don’t fret. Just do your work and when you have your free time, just focus first on getting yourself readjusted before reuniting with friends and family. Trust me, if they have been on a trip they will understand if you just explain that you need some time to unpack and settle back in, we’ve all been there.


Going on vacations or trips, while relaxing, is also a great way to refresh the way you view your life and the perspective you have on the things in it. If you want to beat the post-vacation blues, just incorporate the vacation vibes into your life. This way you can attempt to capture the same feelings that made you so sad to leave in the first place. If you can keep that mentality before and during the trip, that even though it will eventually end you can still recreate the feelings and use what you’ve learned later in life. And if that’s not enough, you can use the sights and sounds of your trip to inspire your newest artwork, blog posts, photographs, etc. (At least that’s what I’ve been doing.)

It was a hard transition back to regular life, especially with school starting soon, but I was able to make it more bearable by using my nostalgia from the vacation to empower me to make changes in my own life, instead of using it as an excuse to sulk around until the next time I could go back.

Have any of you guys ever had the post-vacation blues? How did you deal with it? I’ve been working on posts a lot of today, so hopefully I will make up for how inactive I’ve been recently. Hope you all are having a great summer!






7 thoughts on “How To Prepare To Come Home (Before You Even Leave)

  1. Ughhh I feel the post-trip blues all the time. 😦 Sometimes it would hit me so hard that I would just sink into an awful sort of grey state, which sounds SO LAME but travel has always felt like ‘real life’ to me while everything else was just… bleh.
    ANYWAY I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! It’s just kind of a silly/fun little community-building thing, but I hope you enjoy it!

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    1. I have never related to something so much! Im just starting to get out of my grey state from this trip, which has been my favorite one left. While where I live is nice and wonderful, it isnt very exciting and while Im on trips I like to thrive on trying new things and being new places. You can see how coming back to familiarlity can be a bit frustrating after that. So glad to know Im not the only one who gets like that on trips!

      Also, that is so sweet of you! I will complete it as soon as possible!

      Liked by 1 person

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