The Raven Boys Review

So, originally the plan was to post a review of The Martian, but then I finished this book and it really threw a wrench into my plans. I enjoyed this book so much that it is now on my list of my favorite YA fiction books of all time, (which happens to be a bit rare considering I usually don’t read as much YA fiction as others). So of course, I had to write about it RIGHT NOW. 

Summary: Blue lives with a family of psychics and clairvoyants, all who predict that when she first kisses her true love he will die. To protect those around her, Blue tries to ignore boys in general, but especially those that go to the local private school, Aglionby. However, on St. Marks Eve, a vision of the soul that belongs to a boy named Gansey shakes Blue up thinking that she may be the one that will kill him in the near future. Soon after the vision, Gansey just happens to run into Blue when he and his friends make an appointment with her mother for a psychic reading. Upon being shocked by their results, Blues mother gives her a single instruction; to stay away from these boys. In the beginning, Blue wanted to see what they were all about and why her mother forbade them, but the closer she got to them the more she saw that what was on their pristine surface was nothing like their lives outside of their school label and she wasn’t sure she could back out of it now that she was a part of their lives and they were a part of hers.

Rating: 5 STARS

Why?: Even if a book is unique, chances are there are books similar to it. However, this book happened to be about something I had never even heard of. As a watcher of Supernatural, I assumed I knew a lot about supernatural things and experiences but this book took me on a brand new and thrilling journey full of dead kings, ley lines, and all things psychic.

Secondly, the characters were literally to die for. It has been a while that I read a book where I really wish I could just be a friend of the every one of the main characters. Every character was distinct and lovable, making it hard to choose a favorite one. There were no good or bad characters, there were just a little good and a little bad in everyone you encountered. Also, everyone was important. The story was like a clock. Everyone had a place that made the book tick. There were no pointless characters or random ones that were useless to the plot. You may be tricked into thinking there are, but just wait, they will come up again later. (Whelk I’m looking at you.)

Finally, there was a distinct quality I noticed to this book that I haven’t noticed in a while from other books. When you’re reading the book, you aren’t just on the outside looking in, or even just tagging along with the main characters. You feel like you are one of them. For me, it was Blue. Everything she felt I felt, and you just got used to being from her perspective with your Raven Boys. It was such a cool feeling that sucked you in each time you sat down to read the book. It really felt like what was happening was actually happening to you. It’s a strange feeling but it makes the book a hundred times better if you experience it.

Fan Art: You know I loved a book if I went to see if there was fan art for it! Recently, I’ve been obsessed with the photo collage type fan arts that basically are the aesthetics for the different characters. It just fits what you imagine it like and puts it into pictures! (These are not my collages, and if they belong to anyone comment below and I’ll credit you!)

FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (4).jpgFullSizeRender (3)

So if you couldn’t tell by this review, I’m continuing the series and as of right now love it! If you are reading it right now or have read it in the past and want to fangirl, comment below because I love getting to talk books with everyone! I will be on vacation for the next two weeks but will write and schedule posts for during then, however, I may not be able to respond to many comments, so just hang in there!








8 thoughts on “The Raven Boys Review

    1. That was the only thought going through my head while I was writing this but apparently thats not a convincing enough review for some people lol! Did you have a favorite boy? Im still on the fence between Adam and Gansey but Im leaning towards Gansey even though I know he will die (Im just trying not to think about it.)

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      1. Thats my mindset too, just enjoy him while it lasts. I totally agree, all the characters were so unique and lovable in their own ways that it makes it so hard to choose one over the other!


    1. Thats what was happening to me too! So finally I picked it up at the library and boy am I glad I did! Recently, Ive been having really good luck with catching up on some hyped up books!

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  1. I just finished the first book and I enjoyed it so much that I ended up getting the next ones in the series lol it was so different from anything I read and it had its interesting twists 👍

    AND OH MY GAWD that photo collage is just beautiful 😍😍 love it!!

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    1. AHH I KNOW IM SUCH A SUCKER FOR THOSE PHOTO COLLAGES! I did the same thing actually, I finished it and had to rush back to the library to grab the second one so I could start reading it right away! Did you have a favorite character? I found it hard to pick one because I loved them all, but I would definitely date Gansey if I had to date one of them. He just is so interesting and seems like he would be such a romantic!


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