Top Fictional Boyfriends/Male Characters

Hi everyone! So my friend Emily,, and I have decided to start doing some joint blog posts where we post on the same topic but on separate blogs. The first one we decided on was top fictional boyfriends. While mine is all from books (mostly to shorten the list a little), Em has a bit more of a diverse list, so if you aren’t much of a reader, you may be more interested in checking out her list! 

Anyway without further ado, here is my list of book boyfriends! For each one I’ve included a brief description and some fan art if available just so you can get a feel for them even if you haven’t read the book. (Not in any specific order). If we have any in common, comment below! If you have any other swoon-worthy characters I didn’t list, add those too!

Levi (Fangirl)

Description: Levi is a tall lanky messy haired college boy, but not your average borderline jerk character. Levi is everything you want in a guy, polite, kind, optimistic, and adventurous. He treats everyone with respect and is authentic in how much he cares for others. He ’ll drop everything to pick you up from somewhere, will take the extra time to walk you home, and can always be counted on in a pinch to come and help fix what has gone wrong, or at least help you cope with it. His only weakness is his lack of reading skills, which the main protagonist (Cath/Cather) ends up helping him with it in the most adorable way possible.

Theodore Finch (All The Bright Places) 


I couldn’t find any fan art that portrayed Finch how I wanted so I chose to include a quote that he said here instead. 


Description: With time passing since I’ve read this book, my opinions on the book as a whole have changed quite a bit, just with how mental illness is portrayed in it, and how the message isn’t as inspirational as we may have hoped. However, the main male protagonist will always be a favorite character of mine. He goes by Finch and he changes his persona to his liking when he starts to not like himself anymore. He goes from all-american Finch to rocker Finch in a snap. He expresses his feelings by making a huge collage of post-its on his wall and rereading them when he starts to feel bad again. He makes everything an adventure, even just their measly trip around Indiana, and finds ways to make things more exciting than they otherwise might have been. And even if all these things I listed are just coping mechanisms for his depression and anxiety, they make him a unique character with depth emotional and physical that helps him form relationships with other characters in the book. (If you plan on reading this book, know that basically this whole book is a trigger warning. I don’t want anyone going into it unsuspecting.)

Rhysand (A Court Of Thorns And Roses) 

Description: (If you have already read ACOMAF this description may be different because I happen to not have read it yet! Saving it for vacation!) Rhysand is a member of the Night Court, a dark and mysterious place for a dark and mysterious guy. Frankly, I don’t know all that much about him yet because he’s more in the second book than the first but I knew enough to pick him as my favorite character from the book. He’s sneaky and manipulative, but most importantly he will protect what he loves to his best ability. And he doesn’t go back on his promises.


Marco (The Night Circus)

Description: So first, before I get into Marco, I will advise you all to read this book. It is one of my favorites and is like nothing I’ve ever read, unusual in all the right ways. I’m usually not one to recommend a book to anyone on the spot without knowing their reading taste, but for this one, I make an exception. Anyway, not only is Marco a magician but he’s an artist and a writer as well. If that doesn’t already make you swoon his striking green eyes and messy black hair will definitely draw you in. Polite, elegant and takes his girl to dance in a huge Belle-worthy ballroom all make Marco one of my favorite fictional boys.

Fang (Maximum Ride)

Description: If you read the Maximum Ride series and wasn’t in love with Fang then you’re lying. Fang is the shy and mysterious member of the group. Fearless, but silent. He had a creepy vibe and had the black wings to match. But no matter how distant he seemed or how much he pretended he didn’t care, he was always there to protect the ones he loved when they needed it.

Kaz Brekker  (Six of Crows)

Description: Kaz is dark and twisty on the outside, but wasn’t always this way. After losing his brother he is forced to toughen up to survive on his own in the bad neighborhood he was living in. The only thing that can break his focus and determination is a girl named Inej. And just seeing the way he interacts with her and how he will change anything to protect her even without her knowing how much he cares about her, shows a sensitive side to a dark boy.

I know this was kind of a short post, but I was looking for something fun to write about after some of my more serious posts and it was fun getting to look back at some of my favorite male characters and their stories. I’m planning on finishing up some more did not finish reads before leaving on vacation which means there will most likely be plenty more book reviews coming up!

Hope you guys all have a great week!



6 thoughts on “Top Fictional Boyfriends/Male Characters

  1. I seriously need to read ACOTR. :p I’ve heard tons of better things about it than Throne of Glass (which I did not like). Rhysand… I’m curious about him. 🙂


    1. I have the books for Throne of Glass but I havent read them yet… I keep putting them off just because its a series and I have a lot of stand alone books I want to read first 🙂 Also you really should! It was one of my favorite books I read this year. All the characters were amazing and detailed and their development through the book is amazing. Rhysand was my favorite, but thats to be expected from me 😉 Hes just so dark and mysterious and its hard not to love him at least a little bit!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wasn’t a big fan of TOG, which i guess, is why i’m putting this off still. I do hear this is a way better book that TOG sooo… i am pretty psyched about it. And Rhysand… dark and mysterious you say? Exactly my type. 😍


      2. I have the TOG series sitting on my shelf, and my sister and neighbor are both enjoying it so far, except Im still a little skeptical that it could beat how much I enjoyed ACOTAR. AND OMG ANOTHER PERSON SHARES MY LOVE FOR DARK AND TWISTY BOYS! I dont know what draws me to them in books, but they always seem to be much more interesting and thought provoking than the others…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’ll give TOG another try someday, maybe. But I am pretty curious about ACOTAR. Also, speaking of dark and twisted boys, have you read the Grisha trilogy? 😀 The Darkling…. ❤ My soulmate's another guy, but he's just amazing.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I havent yet! Its on my TBR list but that seems to be growing infinitely! I read Six Of Crows though which is set in the same universe and I couldnt help but love Kaz despite his dark background. I also am reading the Raven Cycle series now, and cant help but love all the boys because while their cause and backgrounds are kind of dark, they are so passionate that it makes them impossible not to love.


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