New To Bloglovin: Any Tips?

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying Memorial Day weekend (If you’re choosing to celebrate), and I swear this post won’t take up too much of your time so you can go back to lounging in the sun and barbecuing. So along with this update I have a couple of things to say, first of all,I can’t believe almost a hundred people are following my blog, thank you guys for all the support! Secondly,I’m also almost up to 1000 views on this site! I can’t wait to keep developing my blog and coming across more and more inspiring blogs like the ones I’ve seen thus far!

Now onto what I really wanted to talk about! Recently, I’ve discovered the site “Bloglovin” for people to share their blog posts and find new blogs in a huge community of diverse bloggers! I was super excited to get started on the site and I hope to find some more great blogs to follow from there. But if you are already on there, feel free to leave me any tips and tricks in the comments as well as your username so I can follow your wonderful blogs on there as well!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin < You can follow my blog now by going to this link!

I hope you guys are all having a great week so far! You will hear more from me on Wednesday, which I’ve designated as my new posting day, along with some Saturdays if I have more material to post than I know what to do with. Thanks again for all the support!



4 thoughts on “New To Bloglovin: Any Tips?

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 if you do end up getting one let me know i would love to follow you! Tonight I’m gonna check out some blogs so I will definitely check yours out!

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      1. That’s so sweet thank you! I’m hoping to become a lot more active and its people like you who’s support encourages me to keep making it better and better!


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