The Flash: Season One Review

While I usually tend to stick to reviews of books and movies, I thought I should make an exception for the TV show that has really hooked me recently, The Flash. 


Today I wasn’t feeling so hot, (period cramps suck.) so I decided to catch up on some TV that I’ve been missing out on for a variety of reasons including school and lacrosse. Thankfully, I decided to turn to the Flash. Beginning the marathon today at Episode 19, “Who is Harrison Wells?” and continuing on to the end of the season, it was a constant rollercoaster of events and discoveries and betrayals like I’ve never seen in the first season of a show. (Except for maybe Supernatural, but let’s not get into that right now.) We not only watched the gang discover the real identity of so -called “Harrison Wells” (and the fact that he is related to Eddie) but we saw Iris make the connections to the particle accelerator explosion and the phenomenon that turned Barry into the Flash. Oh yeah, and she discovers Barry is the Flash as well. Also, we find out through Gideon, Dr.Well’s personal artificial intelligence computer, that Harrison plans on not only fighting the Flash but killing him as well in the nearby future. A mouthful right?

Overall, it was a very overstimulating chain of events in these last episodes, but it wasn’t necessarily a surprise either. Starting at the very first Pilot episode, you could tell it was a fast moving show, with camera angles and sound effects that showed the intensity of the situations. It made you sit on the edge of your seat. It’s part of what makes the show so dramatic and interesting. While the action is what makes you come and watch the show, the characters are what make you want to stay.

The show has a diverse array of characters, not only in physical aspects like race and size etc., but in personality as well. There are characters like Iris West and Harrison Wells that take everything seriously and take part in the most dramatic aspects of the show as their roles of the villain and girlfriend. Then there are characters like Barry and Cisco, who take almost every opportunity possible to lighten the mood with charming banter and witty comebacks. Along with the individuals themselves, their chemistry is what makes the show work. If you’ve seen them acting together you know what I mean. It’s one of those shows where you never question the authenticity of the relationships or the characters themselves for that matter because the actors have the ability to make it seem so real.

Finally, there has just been so many feels! From the original plot line, we know that Iris ends up with Barry, but there are so many bumps in their relationship that makes us all wince and get anxious that maybe it won’t work out in the end. On top of that, there is Barry and his relationship with Joe and his own dad. The obvious emotional connection Grant Gustin portrays is enough to make anyone at least a little emotional, and every time he cries, he makes us want to cry.

i love you, grant gustin. i love you.

The feels don’t stop at the plot, however, because two words. Grant. Gustin. Have you seen him? He’s 6’3 feet of pure adorable dorkiness. I think it’s impossible to not swoon a little bit as he runs around saving the city in his outfits that look like they came straight out of a J.CREW catalogue. Obviously, the love for him grew as I watched the show more and more often, leading me to look him up on Youtube. This resulted in an epic realization that I had forgotten about. GRANT GUSTIN WAS ON GLEE. So naturally, I had to go and watch every video I could find of him singing and dancing. Let me just tell you, it was definitely worth it. If you are a fan as well, check out his rendition of Smooth Criminal and I Want You Back.

Even though this review got a little off track, I think you guys can tell for yourselves just how much I’ve enjoyed this first season. If you’ve watched it and have something to add let me know in the comments! Hope you guys have a great day!



2 thoughts on “The Flash: Season One Review

  1. I adore this show!! I watched this whole back in November when I had the flu for a few days. 😂 Luckily I wasn’t far behind in the second season so I was able to catch up and know I watch it in real time ever week! It’s still so good and the characters have grown a lot. 🙂

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