Joining The Blogging Community? (For Real This Time)

Hi, Everyone! Since school is coming to a close it means summer is rapidly approaching, and fortunately, for me, summer is a time where I usually have a lot more free time than during the year. Therefore, this summer my goal is to improve my blog and really join the community of book and movie bloggers out there! There are so many of you that produce such great insightful and fun content for your blogs and I’d love to be a part of such a hard-working positive community.

I’m planning on catching up on posts and posting more often, something that most likely has been restraining my blog growth. Followed by being more active on the blogs I follow, liking, commenting, etc. I’m hoping to take more pictures as well to put up here whether they are books, nature, my own friends etc.

Finally, I’m hoping to join the book/blog tags as well! It seems to be a great way to interact with other bloggers as well as to always have topics to write about. So if you have any tags that you need to tag people in or new tags that you were hoping to create, let me know I’d be happy to participate! I’ll be posting by my first tag soon after being tagged in my first one!

Thank you for all your guy’s support through my first blogging adventure!



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