There are three types of people when it comes to The Notebook. Those who downright hate it, those who love it, and those who hate it solely based on the opinions of others without ever seeing the movie or reading the book. Unfortunately, I spent all my life in that last category. Finally, I decided I was in the mood for a sad movie and realized I owned not one but two copies of The Notebook, which basically has the power to make grown men get teary-eyed. Obviously, I chose that as my movie for the night, and I cried. I cried a lot, and I’m fine admitting it. It was so romantic and tragic that I actually felt the need to run out to the library immediately after finishing the movie to find the book. Unfortunately, this was a rare case where the movie was better than the book.

Summary: Allie and Noah were young lovers that indulged in an intense summer romance at the age of 17 before their parents splitting them over their class stature. Allie was a proper young lady, belonging to a family of wealth and power, and Noah was a country boy who only had poetry, guitar and his father to keep him happy in the world. After many years with no connections, the two process their young love in different ways. Noah channels his feelings into the rennovation of a nearby farmhouse while Allie searches for a love that will make her feel the same way as Noah’s that her parents will approve of. Allie meets Lon, and within the last couple weeks before their wedding, Allie musters up the courage to visit Noah one final time to tie up any loose ends and subconsciously to make sure she was making the right decision in marrying Lon instead of Noah. Instantly, their love is rekindled, and they realize that the feelings they used to have never gone away. Now Allie is torn between Lon and Noah, and Noah has to trust that the bond they have is enough to win her over in the end.

Watch the movie trailer here.

Rating: I would give the book 4 stars just because it gave less insight on their early romance, but the movie 5 stars for sure.

Why?: They certainly weren’t kidding when everyone said this story was romantic. As for me, I’m a sucker for romance. Therefore, you can see where this is going. I’m definitely one to daydream about situations that will never happen and seeing a movie like this just encourages that. And while it wasn’t necessarily life changing, it definitely made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Seeing how much they love each other is impossible to ignore and it easily pulls on your heart strings.

In the world that we live in now, finding a love as plain and real as Noah and Allie’s is practically impossible, so we might as well be able to enjoy their story. Today, everyone is focused so much on technology and appearances and other people’s opinions to have what they have in this story. When their parent’s split them apart, they didn’t just give up. They knew it was best for them and so they followed through with it. Instead of just constantly texting or talking on the phone, they were insepperable, giving them more and more time to get to know the other person in a way you can only see from spending time with them. As it becomes harder and harder to have a relationship like their’s its even more emotional to watch it unfold. I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much, it was true love in the most realistic sense. They loved each other for who they were together and apart, and they loved all of each other, not just the good parts.

My Reaction In A Gif:

If the only thing keeping you from reading this book or enjoying this movie is the opinions of others, just go for it. Life is too short to deny yourself the happiness that comes from such a sweet and sappy love story like this one. Plus, if you just watch the movie it’s only 2 hours and 3 minutes of your life, surely you have that amount of time to make your heart happy. What are your opinions?



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