With limited time during the week, it’s been harder and harder to keep up on writing reviews for all the books I read (or at least the ones that deserve a review; good or bad). So while I’m still staying a book blog, just bear with me while I try to get these written and posted! I’m already four books behind…

Also, I spent a long time yesterday writing a review for Perks of Being A Wallflower (book and movie) and I was all prepared to post it today. I was actually pretty happy with how I was able to word everything and get my point across. I guess that should’ve been the first hint that something was about to go terribly wrong. Apparently, I either forgot to save it or the automatic saving didn’t work properly¬†because I just opened it up and POOF! over 1,000 words gone! So now I’m just going to try and write back up what I remember, but losing all your work can be very discouraging when you have little time to work with already.

How are you guys doing? Is anyone else behind in reviews? I can’t be the only one floundering!



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