If you didn’t know, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CONCERTS. Yeah, that much that I felt the need to put it in capital letters. When I get the opportunity to go one, I will always take it. And I will always, ALWAYS, feel post concert depression afterward.

So for you guys out there who don’t know what the term “post concert depression” means, Urban Dictionary describes it as, “The feeling of depression after going to a really good concert. Usually involves depression over the fact that your life’s purpose is now fulfilled after seeing your favorite band. Also, can involve depression over the fact that you might not see that band for a long time.” And I don’t think I could’ve put it any better myself.

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I always seem to have this. Before the concert, I know I’m going to have so much fun that I’m gonna be sad when it’s over. During the concert, I know that with each passing song, the amount of concert time is becoming shorter and shorter. After the concert, all I want to do is go back in and hear just a couple more songs. 2 weeks after the concert, and I’m still raving about how good it was. Finally, a couple months later I finally seem to wind down, composing myself enough to buy tickets for another concert. That’s when the cycle starts all over again.

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I went to see Fall Out Boy in concert last night with Pvris and Awolnation on their Wintour and I’m experiencing extreme amounts of this post concert depression. From the very beginning, I knew the concert was going to be just incredible, the energy for just the opening bands was amazing. People were singing and dancing and it was easy to enjoy the experience even if you weren’t familiar with some of their music. And just when you thought the crowd was screaming along as loud as possible, Fall Out Boy took the stage and all hell broke loose.


They started off with a bang, reinforcing the winter theme by dropping fake snow from the ceiling and belting out Irresistible, and the crowd went insane. Followed by Sugar We’re Going Down, my personal favorite, they dove into all their albums producing a set-list less specific to their newest album, but more of a “Best of Fall Out Boy” concert. So as my first Fall Out Boy concert it was an amazing tour to pick because I got to see all my new and old favorites. (Which you tend to rack up when you’ve been a long-term fan…)

Similarly to when I went to see All Time Low/Sleeping With Sirens last year, this concert had an immense amount of interaction with the audience, through their own speeches and jokes to the extra things dropping from the ceiling and coming out of the floor. Starting with Awolnation, I participated in my first whole crowd “wave” which was so exhilarating seeing as it’s usually something you just see in tv shows and movies. Then FOB rained snow and streamers, shot confetti and fire off the stage, and threw around giant black and white balloons, all of which made the show itself so much more exciting and interactive.


Overall, it was such a great experience, and I got to share it with someone who had never been to a concert before. Therefore, I got to introduce them to the ways of a concert and the fun that goes into it. This includes getting tour shirts, taking pictures, dancing, singing etc. and all of it is right up my alley. Seeing people react to their first concert is amazing, seeing them really get into the music and shed their “I care what people think” facade. It’s always an amazing experience, but a first concert, especially as a teenager, is something you will remember for a long time.

Except now it’s all over, and I’m back at my house listening to the same songs on Spotify and writing this post. The post-concert depression is really beginning to set in. Chances are, for these next couple days,  I will be continuing to tell people about how much fun I had at this concert and how much fun I’ve had at concerts in the past until they just ask me to shut up. It’ll turn into word vomit, and I just won’t be able to stop talking about how fun of an experience it was and how I wish more people could’ve been there too. But I guess that means that I had fun and that it was time and money well spent!

I know I’m not the only one here who experiences this! Tell me your concert stories in the comments below!



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