Yes Please

“It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you’ve been taught to feel sorry for.” -Amy Poehler

As a lover of Parks and Recreation, I love Amy Poehler. So of course, I was eager to read her memoir, or rather listen to it. This was the first audiobook I’ve ever listened to and in the case of a memoir, it made the book better than ever. Listening to her tell her stories is so much more personal than just reading them. If you are looking for a book that will pack laughs and inspiration and female empowerment all into 352 pages, this book is for you.

Summary: Showing her rise to fame, Amy Poehler shares with the readers the brutal reality of writing a book and following her comedy dreams while raising kids and paying the bills. From small comedy shows to skits on Saturday Night Live to her time on Parks and Recreation, Amy tells stories from on and off the set including how they’ve affected her personally. With her insight, it shows us the background to someone that we’ve put on a pedestal, all the hardships and struggles that come with gaining the stature she has reached. She tells it like it is while simultaneously giving us the encouragement to go for our dreams no matter the realities or the restrictions against our orientations or genders.

Rating: 4 Stars

Why?: I knew I would love this book when I first began listening to it. Her voice, literally and written, can make anything into a funny situation and made any story she told, no matter how seemingly insignificant, interesting and inspirational. And between personal stories, she gave us pieces of advice and her own wisdom that she’s learned through her life on how to achieve your dreams even when the odds are stacked against you. It was simply inspirational to hear someone we regard so highly speak just like a normal person.

Also like I mentioned earlier I’m a huge fan of Parks and Recreation, so it was also a major plus getting to hear stories about her co-workers that we’ve only seen on screen, like my favorites Ben Wyatt, Chris Traeger and April Ludgate. Getting to hear about their real relationships behind the scenes through good times and bad only furthered my obsession with the show!

For a nonfiction book, I highly recommend this memoir to everyone especially those looking for a bit of a boost of confidence or for those who love anything she’s starred in. To be honest,  how can you go wrong with Amy Poehler?! If you’ve read this what were your thoughts?



3 thoughts on “YES PLEASE

  1. I recently bought this book and I’m so excited to read it. Parks and Recreation is one of my favourite tv shows ever 😁 I’ve read almost none but good reviews about this, so yeah definitely going to read this soon 😄

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