Sorry for the out of the blue-ness of this post, I just had to get it out of my system. As I write this, I’m sitting in my bed without my homework done, feeling like absolute crap at about 1:30 PM. Yet still I’m contemplating getting up to do all my homework and deciding whether to go to school tomorrow. That’s when I realized that this is absolutely ridiculous. School works us so hard, whether we see it or not, that we are afraid to take a break for our own self-care because we don’t want to have to be crushed by the inevitable avalanche of makeup work and homework. While in my life I consider school a high priority, I didn’t realize that it was beginning to overcome my priority of myself.

This isn’t the only occasion either. On lesser occasions, such as the other night. I was extremely worn out after school considering we got back our final tests and my grades were stressing me out to the point that I was in tears sitting in my bedroom. I decided I needed a break from everything, so I took a nap and then ate dinner. By then, it was already 7:00 and it all rushed at me like a wave of homework, so I settled in for a good couple hours of straight work. When 10PM rolled around, I had finished most of my homework, but decided that I had to take a shower, because any later I would end up waking up my family. So by the time I was finished with that it was about 10:30ish. I saved English for last since it was my easiest subject, but at that time I was falling asleep at my desk, and reading itself took too much effort than I had, much more to annotate and complete the assignment. So that just prolonged it until 11:30 inevitably came and I was done. I got right into bed and fell asleep without checking my phone or anything. Why should a brief rest after school cause all this extra stress? Because we get too much work, that’s why. And God forbid we take a break to recuperate or the work doubles on us as we battle our instincts to sleep and relax as the time gets later and we are still writing away. I think it’s ridiculous that by allowing yourself that brief amount of relaxation, school seems to triple your work, like you are being punished for caring for yourself.

Now that there is a situation to explain what I meant, I’m going to go back to the main one, which is students going to school sick because they are afraid of how much they will have to make up and how it will affect their performance in the class. I  tend to participate in this mindset unfortunately. I will always have a little over half of me pushing myself to school even when I know I shouldn’t be, and when I do stay home, even if I’m feeling horrible, that part of me will feel guilty for not being at school and stressed all day about the consequences. It’s not just me either, I know it occurs all the time in students. Personally, I’m just now realizing how many of us, myself included have put school above their own health and well-being, and if that isn’t an indicator of the stress school puts on us, what is? The panicking, the exhaustion, the fear?

Coming off of that, there are also the illnesses that aren’t physical, but mental. Though they hurt just like physical illnesses, you are expected to go to school with them. Taking a day off for these kind of illnesses is known as a mental health day, and while many people agree with  them, there are countless people who don’t. I am definetly a supporter of it, even though I don’t have any mental illnesses (that I’m aware of) sometimes you just need a break, and if you do have one than it’s completely unfair to put you at a disadvantage in school because you are constantly being tourtured to the point where you can’t focus and feel sick, yet technically they still require you to be there. It is horrible that in this day and age, with everyone being so busy, that we are still condemned for taking a break.

Next time you ask us what is wrong with the amount of work we get, or why we always seem so tired, remember that as students we are most likely putting school over ourselves most of the time, and it is exhausting. Depriving ourselves of rest and sleep and putting our own health at risk to achieve in school. That itself is what is wrong with the school system. Does anyone else have anything to say about it?





    1. It’s important to have a good balance between caring for ourselves and caring for our future. But I totally agree, sometimes I need a reminder that I should always be my top priority, not school, and not extracurriculars.

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  1. I completely agree with you that school tends to take priority over mental health. I am in college and struggle with it all the time. School really is like a full time job in itself and we are still expected to work on top of that. I feel guilty for every minute that I am not doing homework because like you said, it adds up the more you put it off. I also have an anxiety disorder so every aspect of just being in class is torturous and draining. I feel like school should not be making students feel like they are drowning. Everyone deserves a break.


  2. Makes you wonder how in the hell we’re meant to remember anything at all when they work us that hard. I say us, but thankfully I’m not currently a student! I also never worked that hard. Maybe find ways to prioritise your work, or get some help at your school, college, university, whatever it is over there. Hope it goes well.


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