Recently, I finished “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern, while I was on summer vacation. I originally picked it up from Barnes And Noble so I could read it for my high school’s required summer reading, and honestly I wasn’t aware that a book from a summer reading list could captivate me like this one did. From the first line, I dove headfirst into three seemingly separate stories and had a hard time coming up for air. Not only because of the well written and descriptive scenery that engulfed you the further you read but because there were small interjections from YOUR point of view as you experience the circus as an onlooker, which is written in second person. Even though some people may say that it made the plot drag out, I think it offered another perspective on what you were reading, a perspective oblivious to the drama and purpose of the circus and only focused on your own entertainment, it enforces the saying that you never know what’s going on behind closed doors.

It began with what looked like three independent plot lines. First, there was the story of the origin of the Night Circus. During this, you learn the background and meaning of the circus, along with learning about the individuals behind it.  In this part of the book you begin to fall in love with the idea of it because of its ironic individuality. The circus is officially named Le Cirque du Rêves, which is French for the Circus of Dreams. And while most circus’ individuality and uniqueness came from their sense of color and excitement, this circus is characterized by its lack of color and its calming but creepy vibe that comes from living statues, stories in bottles, ice gardens and much more. This take on the idea of a circus is what officially added it to my list of fictional places I would love to visit. Next, there was the story of the two dueling illusionists, Marco and Celia, trained since they were young to compete in a competition against each other with rules that are never clearly stated. As you got more information regarding the competition and the illusionists’ personalities, the more absorbed you became, eager to learn more. I know I personally fell in love with the male illusionist, Marco, the more I got to know him through the book. The more I read, the more information I was able to find out about their competition and how their love would eventually affect the outcome. Yes, they fall in love. And it is wonderful. Finally, the story regarding young Bailey. Bailey is just a young farm boy with a preset future and an avid interest in the appearing circus, and the young girl he met there so many years ago on its first time around. At first, this story seems to not have much to do with the other two because the other two intertwine quite quickly, but I promise as you read this one makes more and more sense. Bailey comes to the circus as it reappears, in search of the young girl. He ends up making friends with both her and her brother who are a part of the circus, dragging him in as well. As the plot develops his relationship with this girl, who we learn goes by the name Poppet, develops into a beautiful young romance and you can’t help to think is adorable and lovely. In the end, it is fulfilling to see Baileys true destiny shine through and see him take the drastic measures to escape his old one.

Most reviews that I have read of this book online are the same as mine, praising it. But the ones that didn’t favor Erin on this book have to do with the fact that they think it took too long to get the real plot moving, and even then the plot moved slow. I think this is true, I’m not denying it, but I certainly was so deep in it that it only enriched my interest and it made it feel more real. Honestly, I had a ¨book hangover”, as I’ve seen on Pinterest, where I wasn’t able to start reading a new book until a couple days after I finished this one, because I was so hung up on the magic of Erin Morgenstern’s world. Overall, I highly suggest this book to anyone, even if you don’t like fantasy novels, because up until this point the only fantasy novels I LOVED were Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, so I know from experience that you will fall in love with the unique characters and the setting like you fell in love with Camp Half Blood and Harry Potter. If you have read this novel or have anything to contribute on the topic, comment below!




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