So recently, I’ve found myself extremely in love with two certain kinds of art, and it has kind of taken over my whole Pinterest feed… This is going to be a bit of a short post, but I wanted to put it out there.

It may be because I’m a math/science oriented person when it comes to interests, and I’m hoping to go into some kind of design engineering, but lately, i can’t get enough of any kind of art that is geometric or minimalist. Whether they are 3D decahedrons or a 2D jumble of straight lines connecting at a common point, I still feel a strong interest in them because of their precison and aestheticly pleasing minimalist look. And while it may look easy, it is actually quite hard to do. I’ve been trying and the farthest I’ve gotten so far is doodling lots and lots of shapes in notebooks. Though I must say this method of doodling makes your doodles look organized and minimalist even if it is just scribbles on a paper, because they are organized together. Hopefully, I will get some more drawing done today!

Secondly, I’m loving the outlined art. Again it may be because of its simple look, and sometimes its mystical look, but either way I’m obsessed. The first one in the group of pictures above is my favorite outline, because as soon as I saw it, it semi-reminded me of myself because of the hair, and from there on I’ve been looking at them all the time and attempting to draw them as well. Much harder than it looks. Fortunately, there are plenty of incredibly talented artists out there that create amazing work that I can look at!

Basically, if the art is simple, geometric and minimalist I’m there! I’m hoping to replace two paintings in my room with pictures like these ones above, probably a really plain one, considering I just got a new white bed spread which is already making my room feel more clean-looking which I’m loving! Hopefully, I’ll make at least one more post before the new year with some resolutions, but just wanted to push this out there to see what other people’s input was! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!




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