So, if you guys haven’t noticed yet by my rapid posting, this is actually a new blog! I’m switching over from my former blog at to wordpress because it is so much easier to handle, design and see my statistics.

This is a bit of a short post just to show you guys around, I have several categories of old blog posts and soon to be new ones! I’m excited to join a community full of such incredible writers and photographers and artists!


11 thoughts on “NEW BLOG!

  1. Hi, welcome to WordPress! I just read a couple of your reviews. I particularly enjoyed the one for Looking for Alaska because I agree with most of your sentiments. 😊 Anyway, I am pretty new to blogging. I have only been in WordPress for a month, really. 😂 If you need a friend, I am right here!


    1. That’s so sweet of you 😊 it’s always nice to know there are people out there who have your back on the Internet 😂I’m here if you need it too! So nice to meet you, I’m going to check out your blog! (Amazing name by the way)

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  2. I read your Mass review and I now look forward to this book more. Abookutopia always talks about this book and I’ve wanted it for so long. I hope when I get it I love it!

    I’m back at blogging, after taking a two year break :(, But if you wanna bounce book ideas and fangirl, I’m always not busy. 🙂

    P.S. Speaking of fangirl. Have you read it, the book by Rainbow?


    1. Okay yay! Yes I would love to Fangirl always, when you read a court of thorns and roses tell me! I’m still trying to get over it! 😂 I did read Fangirl and it was also amazing, one of my favorite books I read last year in fact! I’ve been so much more active on WordPress than I ever was when my blog was on weebly. There are so many sweet active people on WordPress that it encourages me to post more! I can’t wait to go and read some more of your posts!

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