On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders have agreed to 17 goals for our generations and future generations, that will rid our world of poverty, inequality and take action for climate change. These 17 goals are now being known as the Global Goals, or #Globalgoals.

These goals cover areas of life as we know it, that everyone needs to work to ensure not only for our generation, but for the generations of our kids and our grandkids. The goals go as follows:

1. No Poverty
2.Zero Hunger
3.Good Health and Well-Being
4.Quality Education
5.Gender Equality
6.Clean Water and Sanitation
7.Affordable and Clean Energy
8.Decent Work and Economic Growth
9.Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
10.Reduce Inequalities
11.Sustainable Cities and Communities
12.Responsible Consumption and Production
13.Climate Action
14.Life Below Water
15.Life On Land
16.Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
17.Partnership For The Goals

Countries now have the opportunities to adopt these goals that will lead to a better life. This better life is already predicted for 2030 if we begin now. If you can honestly say you don’t care about these global goals, you are saying that you don’t care about the physical and mental health of your kids or your grandkids or yourself. If everyone is promoting these goals and increasing public knowledge, the world your future self and future decendents will live in will be better than the one you grew up in. Not only will the environment be being restored the what it should be, but your kids will be able to grow up free and not have to worry about saying they are gay or lesbian or trans or a man or a woman, because everyone will be entitled to the same rights and the same respect.

Caring is the first step to making a change. I know that every single item on this seventeen goal list is something that I care deeply about. I may not be directly affected by poverty, or starvation, but there are people out there who are, and they need people to stand up for them when they can’t. Just because someone doesn’t know how to say something, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be heard. 

So it’s time to spread the word about these global goals, so that people who are unaware of them can learn about them, and people who are aware of them can be sure that they are practicing them and preaching them. How do they suggest you spread the word? Share your support and educate by doing one of these things:

1.Take a #GlobalGoalsSelfie of yourself, and let your followers know which goals you are most intent on preserving and changing, hashtag #GlobalGoalSelfie and tag @TheGlobalGoals in your picture.
2.Do the Dizzy Goals Challenge and share it! A link to view the rules for this challenge will be posted below.
3.Make your own version of the “We the people,” video. I will include the original linked below so you can see what I am talking about. Once it is finished, share it with friends, family and the internet, so people can see your support for the cause! My best friend and I are planning on making one, I will post it afterwards as well!

These goals won’t mean anything if we aren’t working together to make them true for our world. The leaders have created it, why can’t we follow them through? We don’t only want to make them known, we want these goals to be unforgettable. Want to read more about it? Check out the links listed below:

Global Goals Official Site:

Dizzy Goals Challenge Rules:

“We The People” Original Video:

Global Goals Twitter:

Global Goals Instagram:

Last but not least, the topic of this post was originally brought to my attention by my best friend Emrys, who has also written a very informative post on the #Globalgoals as well, her post will be listed below, and I highly advise you to check it out!:

The Global Goals For Sustainable Development

I hope that you guys decide to take part in this movement for a better tomorrow, in the end it will be worth it! Thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “GLOBAL GOALS

  1. Its great to see other people also trying to promote the goals!! I have seen so much negativity towards Global Goals in the last few weeks and am happy to read about other people trying to raise awareness too!!! Great post!


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