Even though where I live it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Thanksgiving is just around the corner! And even though it isn’t my absolute favorite holiday, I think it has a good lesson about giving thanks for everything we have. So inspired by this holiday, I compiled a laundry list of things I’m grateful for. (The list idea was taken from my best friend’s “Laundry List Of Things I Love” post).

– My family
– Music
– My friends
– Medicine/medical care
– Art
– Safety in my country
– Photographs
– Electricity
– Trust
– Weekends
– My house
– My phsycial abilities
– Opportunity for education
– My well being
– Love
– The well being of everyone around me
– Holidays
– Our veterens
– Technology
– Ability to read and write
– My pets
– Charity organizations
– Rules
– Books
– Our posessions
– Freedom of religion and speech
– Laughter
– Fresh air
– My teachers
– Clean water
– Sunshine
– Rainy days
– Indoor plumbing (don’t argue with me on this)
– All five senses
– Diversity
– Nature
– Food
– Communication

Even though I’ve probably missed many things on my list, I’ve covered a lot of the major ones like family, friends and indoor plumbing :). Down below, I’ve included an infographic that I recently made depicting what the most common things to be gratfeul for are. Check it out! I can’t wait to spend the holiday with my family doing the things we love, (and eating the things we love.) Hopefully soon Em and I will have a DIY up for you guys, and even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned it should at least be humorous! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

– Lily


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