This year I haven’t kept track of the books I’ve read, I didn’t set a goal or have a specific list or anything. Despite that, I still read some amazing books this year, and since the year is ending sooner rather than later, I thought I would make a list of some of my favorite reads this year! This was partially inspired by all of the book blogs and instagrams I’ve followed in the past year posting similar lists and pictures. This is in no particular order and includes novels from YA fiction to adult nonfiction. Let’s begin!


For sure one of my favorite books this year, E. Lockhart follows the life of a teenage girl named Cadence on her search to find out what happened on her family’s island beneath their perfect facade. You can read the blog review here.
Marco and Celia were raised from a young age to harness their magical powers in order to compete against each other in a mysterious competition. Little is known about it besides the venue, which is a magical circus. Read the full review here.



Marie Lu creates a dystopian world based on the United States that results in a civil war between The Republic and The Colonies. Day is from the slums, and June is a Republic prodigy, and when she finds out Day, the boy who saved her life is also the boy who killed her brother, feelings are scrambled until they are forced to rely on each other in the midst of the terror in their country.
(Detailed review coming soon for this one) A.J Jacobs is determined to be the healthiest man on earth, so month by month he tracks his progress through this hilarious novel as he moves from body part to body part improving his life one step at a time. Along with lots of laughs, there is a lot to be learned from this book as well, and it kept me interested till the very end of his two-year experiment. Read the full review here.



In the 21st century, there is a new type of kid on the block, and that is the Fangirl. Rainbow Rowell takes us into the life of Cather, or so her friends call her, who writes internet fan fiction for her favorite book series, despite the twists and turns in her new college lifestyle.  This novel was laugh out loud funny and made fangirls everywhere happy to be acknowledged.
Hannah was the victim of bullying and rumors, and it got to the point where enough was enough. Before committing suicide, she left behind 13 tapes depicting the specific people in her life that caused her to do what she has done. Hannah starts by giving the box to the first person before committing, and from there they are passed on from person to person until everyone feels the guilt of what they have done to her. Having such a serious novel about bullying is something that we need more of to show just how serious of a crime it is. This book was incredible and made a lasting impression on me.



To be completely honest, I have put off reading this book for quite a long time, but after reading it deserves a spot. The Art Of Racing In The Rain is the story of a middle-class family struggling between family illness and child custody lawsuit, as seen by the family’s dog Enzo. It is heartbreaking to see what is going on behind the big brown eyes of a golden retriever when all he can do is wait and gesture while his family is torn apart. This book was the only one on the list that made me cry, as in bawling my eyes out. Because of my close attachment with my dog, this book was both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Definitely a favorite. Here is the full review.

I highly recommend all of these books, as all of them have stuck with me throughout the year and some of them for probably even longer. I can’t wait for a new year full of reading new books, watching new movies and tons of new experiences!



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