“Energy does not emanate or reflect from a person, the energy is the person, the core. ”

It’s easy to believe that a person doesn’t have an energy, that they don’t emit some kind of aura. Because of all the lies that get told, we need proof. Sadly, this is something we don’t have. But seeing as to how spirituality and science are already on opposite courses, I think it is something that you can choose to believe, and it is certainly interesting, even if there isn’t qualitative and quantitative evidence backing it up, The type of energy I am the most interested in is a person’s aura and its layers.

Everyone has an aura, or so it is believed.  It is an energy field that surrounds the human body. This was depicted as early as the bible, with halos around the heads of blessed figures. It is said that a person’s aura is the reason we subconciously recieve a first impression of a person without even meeting them, one that isn’t based on their clothes or physical appeareance. From this intuitive nature, we form impressions and experience emotions and feelings regarding them and ourselves. The appearnace of this aura is based on one’s physical, emotional, health and attitude, as well as their spirituality. Every one of us is different, and our hidden selves are expressed through the aura.

Finally, there are the aura’s layers. it is believed that there are seven major layers in a person’s aura. Archetypal, spiritual, mental, emotional, imaginal, etheric, and physical. Archetypal is responsible, for the most part, for your destiny. It shows the things you have to do to fufill what is in store for you. The spiritual part acts as wholeness and balances the aura’s different levels. Our mental aura is what reflects our beliefs and attitudes towards things to other people. Mental health or illness is reflected to others through this level. Our emotional aura, obviously is responsible for our emotions as well as our reactions. This level is what projects our fufillment, longing for peace, warmth and things we care deeply about. The imaginal aura, is also paritally self explanatory. It is responsible for our perception and visualization. Delusions and obsessions formulate in this layer. The etheric level is the blueprints for our body’s, it is what keeps our physical body healthy and safe. Lastly, the physical aura reflects physical trauma, physiological beliefs, and the state of the energy fields as a whole.

All together the aura can be many different colors, each with a meaning that represents the contents of your aura’s layers. The most common being red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo-violet. But they aren’t the only ones, there is a whole spectrum, and here is what they mean.

Red- Positivley this color aura can mean you have a healthy ego, while negatively it can mean you have a lot of anger and anxiety built up inside of you. Lighter shades of red indicate more of the positive aspects such as compassion and confidence, while darker shades tend to show a more grounded, strong willed individual.

Orange- This is the color that means you are in good health. This color means the person is productive, sociable and creative, while also sometimes being prone to addictions and extensive stresss. The closer the orange is to a yellow, the more driven the person is, the closer it is to brown, the lower the level of ambition you have.

Yellow- Optimistic, positive, intelligent. But this color can also lead to fear of losing control, respect and power in your life.

Green- Is a healthy and comfortable color, symbolizes balance and growth, and often indicates a love of nature. The closer this color is to yellow, the more heartfelt and creative the individual is, while the darker it is, the more it depicts you as jealous and irresponsible.

Turqouise- Sensitive, compassionate, similar to a healer or therapist.

Blue- Cool, calm and collected. Very caring and loving of others. Lighter the blue, the more peaceful you are, while the darker the blue means you fear speaking the truth and expression of inner thoughts.

Indigo-Violet- Pertains to vision, magical and artistical, and is the most sensitive of the colors because of this.

Lavender- Pertains to daydreaming and visualizing. Essentially it represents vision as well.

Gold- Means this person has divine protection or wisdom guiding them through life. They have inner peace and spiritual thinkning.

Black- Indicates an unforgiving nature to self or others and showcases past life problems such as built up anger or grief.

White- Pure, truthful and healthy. A person with a white aura is trustworthy and close to angelic, which explains why halos were white.

I know this sounds really crazy, but you have to admit that it is certianly interesting to entertain the fact that there could be a possible explanation to why you get a bad vibe from someone, or why some people instantly click with you upon seeing them. It is interesting to learn about this mostly because people always say phrases like, “I’m really good at reading people,” and maybe this is a subconcious aspect to it. Below I have linked some sites I was looking at and got information from, and a quiz you can relate to (Buzzfeed)  that can maybe bring you to a consensus about what your aura color is. (Mine is orange.)

Human Energy Field and Aura- http://www.noeticbalancing.com/library/human-energy-field-and-aura/

Aura Colors- http://psychiclibrary.com/beyondBooks/aura-colors-and-meanings/

Buzzfeed Aura Color Quiz- http://www.buzzfeed.com/katieheaney/what-color-is-your-aura#.mur17YPKq

If you are looking for more information, or maybe a different quiz, feel free to look it up and keep learning!



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